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Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam…. what is the first thing that comes through your mind when you hear about Amsterdam? Exactly! Let’s keep it to ourselves.

Me and Rio travelled to Amsterdam Centraal and experienced everything the city has to offer. In the video you can watch part of them. The rest… well… let’s keep it to ourselves. From coffee shops, which does not serve coffee to Red Light District, the deep exploration was quick and accomplished.


(@pacsaproductions Instagram)

One day, during a serious conversation with Rio he suggested to make a trip to ‘Dam’ (Amsterdam). He was joking, however I am a yes person, in other words, most of the times I say yes to people.

A joke became reality; therefore we packed our bags and flew to Birmingham! Sorry. ‘Dam’ I mean (that’s what he told his parents). Let me try again. A joke became reality; therefore we packed our bags and flew to Amsterdam for cultural proposes!




There are several places to visit in Amsterdam but at the end of the day it depends on your personal interests. First stop, Sexmuseum (LOL) again, it’s just for cultural proposes! 4€ entrance to discover the world of sex.





Rijksmuseum or Anne Frank House is another famous attractions for tourists in the city of bicycles. Click here to check more pictures on Facebook.
A great destination to go back later on in life! Just do it and remember keep it to yourself.












Gaspar Silva!

While exploring the city of Lisbon, I was surprised by Gaspar Silva, a street artist, who entertains the crowd throughout his diverse rhythms of kuduro! Check this out…


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