C4 Pedro in London


C4 Pedro is a well known artist within the angolan, santomean, portuguese (among others) communities. He’s a singer with a unique voice & style! Over the years he’s been conquering the world!

I will be honest. I am not a big big big fan. I am a medium fan, in fact, I do not think I have one artist that I would go crazy for because I just see them as normal people. I am a medium fan of every artist that I enjoy listening to.


My friend Wander calls me during one afternoon ‘Do you want to go to C4 Pedro’s concert?’ ‘Is he going to be in London?’ (I did not even know) Yes, let’s go’.

Saturday, February 20th 2016 at the Coronet.
Doors open: 8pm
Concert starts: 9:30pm
-£30 in my bank account.

It’s 8:30pm on February 20th 2016. We arrive at the Coronet, Elephant Castle and the long queue perplexed us. The doors were closed… it only opened around 11pm, therefore the concert started half an hour later and there were still people outside the building, including myself and Wander.

The concert’s promoter assured us “We are not going to start the concert unless everyone is inside” (Yeah, right, sure!)


(Paulo Aragao and C4 Pedro)

Overall the concert was fun and dynamic; the free after party even better!

See you next time C4 Pedro!

London first… next stop: Switzerland! Get your tickets!

Watch bits and pieces of the concert:

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