Artwork || Ines Gomes


(Ines Gomes setting up the objects to be photographed)

It was weird! When I first received the call from Ines, I thought “yayyy” a photoshoot! I enjoy photographing people, however the challenge was different!

‘I am a Fashion Textile student and I would like photographies of my work. I have an important presentation this month and it would be really nice if I had great pictures to show’ said Ines.


I replied to her: I mainly photograph people;facial expressions; body languages, humans beings, but I will try to deliver. Challenge accepted.


As a textile fashion student, Ines, had to build from scratch these sample models, which is art! I was astonished with each new piece she took from her bag. It takes weeks to mix all the textiles into patterns. She is perfectionist, hard worker and truly believes in her art. I like that!


Thank you Ines for taking me out of my confort zone and explore new and challenging ways of photography!




Click here for more pictures of Ines’ Artwork.

Contact Ines here.

Now it’s your turn! Do you want a photoshoot?



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