‘Hey you! Let’s Cook’ Storyline


I enjoy cooking, I always have… (not always, but most of the times)! Mom, uncles and aunties prepared me very well for adulthood.

Now that I live on my own, I thank them for the hours they spent teaching me how to season meat; how to make rice; how to avoid burn the food; how to know if it’s cooked; when’s the right time to turn off the stove and specially, how to prepare a variety of dishes and eat healthy.

From my point of view, there are two eating habits options: the first one – processed food, which is quick to buy at supermarkets and kill the hungriness for 10 minutes. The second one (my favourite), cooking food, in which you can identify every single ingredient you ingest and satisfies you for at least 1 hour.

‘Hey You! Let’s Cook’ emerged 3 years ago through a university project. The lecturer Josie Barnard, from Publishing Books and Magazines module challenge us, students, to create and present a sample of a book containing self-critical reflection; plan for launch, distribution and promotion.

Although it was not the best seller worldwide, I came up with ‘Hey You! Let’s Cook’:


Overall, I received excellent feedback from Josie and my peers, therefore as a video lover I always desired to spread the idea! Today is the D-day! Join me in this journey, which I hope it goes well. The main aim is to help people cooking with simple and quick recipes, in order for them to embrace option number two on a daily basis.

A special thank you to Páscoa Costa (for taking the pictures back in 2013); Josie Barnard (for challenging me) and Maria Ana (for being the first on this aspiring idea).

Do not miss ‘Hey You! Let’s Cook!’!

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