Christmas Market Hadley Wood Association


Christmas season leads to Christmas Market!

Last week, the Hadley Wood Association organised its first Christmas Market for the local residents!

Funfair rides, Face Painting, Santa’s Grotto and Carol Singing were the main attractions for families.

Report for London Live

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Serious Conversation – No Swear

Paulo and Rio try to introduce themselves to the internet. What a difficult task!

How many times is the word ‘like’ used? Is this scripted? Does it make any sense? Answers on part2!

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Christmas party food 2015 suggestions #1

Well… it is that time of the year again. Happy Holidays everyone!

If you have been practicing exercise. STOP. If you are in any type of regime diet .STOP. If you enjoy eating. GO GO GO!!!

My first suggestion for the one and only Christmas of 2015 …..

(drum rolls)


Sausage bras!


  1. Potatoes (5)
  2. Onions (2)
  3. Garlic (3 cloves)
  4. Olive oil (sufficiently)
  5. Water (sufficiently)
  6. Salt (sufficiently)
  7. Sausages (5)
  8. Eggs (4)
  9. Olives (sufficiently)
  10. Parsley (sufficiently)


How to make Sausage bras?

  • Peel all the potatoes.
    Chop to desired shape and fry it.
  • In a different pan, slice the onions and garlic.
  • Drizzle some olive oil and water and make a stew.
  • Once cooked, add sliced sausages and salt.
  • On a Bowl mix the eggs.
  • Add your shaped potatoes to the main pan mixing  with parley and olives
  • Finally, join the eggs and continue to mix.
  • Leave 5 minutes and (ding) Ready!


Easy Peasy!

Ready to Eat!


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